Trenner Law Firm’s mission statement describes our core purpose, guiding principles, enduring values, and commitment to our clients and the community.

  1. Understand the law.

    This may seem obvious for a law firm. But just knowing the law isn’t sufficient. New laws are constantly being written. Existing laws change. Courts interpret laws differently over time. Doing things the way it was done 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or even 1 year ago, can get your business into trouble. The law firm you choose to work with must continually learn and understand the current state of the law, in addition to where the law is headed tomorrow and into the future.

    Denver Patent Attorney Mark Trenner has focused strictly on intellectual property and business law for the past 12 years. Over 90% of his practice is patent procurement and strategic portfolio management. Mark regularly attends continuing legal education (CLE) programs in these practice areas, stays current on the laws through trade journals and articles, and frequently meets with his network of other intellectual property and business law attorneys.

  2. Team approach.

    While an individual can make achieve great things, a team can often accomplish more. It is important to focus on relationships, not only with the clients, but also with vendors and support service providers.

    Trenner Law Firm has good working relationships with a team of dedicated professionals, including a national accounting firm, a marketing expert, technology service providers, and an independent patent search firm. Outsourcing many of the day-to-day tasks, allow Denver patent attorney Mark Trenner to maintain low overhead, while focusing his time on the clients’ needs.

  3. Creative solutions.

    No one wants to hear something can’t be done. Clients hire law firms to find out how things can be done – legally, ethically, and intelligently.

    Denver Patent Attorney Mark Trenner listens to his clients to fully understand their needs. Then he lets his clients know what Trenner Law Firm can do for them, fully explaining all of their options so that the client can make an informed business decision.

  4. Differentiate.

    Accommodate the client’s agenda, not our own.

    Denver Patent Attorney Mark Trenner asks his clients what he can do to make it simpler to do business with Trenner Law Firm. And of course, he always follows through.

  5. Value.

    While price is important, value does not simply mean lowest cost. Value means getting what you pay for, and then some.

    Trenner Law Firm was established in 2004, has never incurred debt, and continues to operate entirely debt-free. Trenner Law Firm spends less on things that don’t matter, while continually investing in technology that enables fast, efficient delivery of legal services, all at a price that is fair to the client and allows Trenner Law Firm to operate with a profit.

  6. Accessibility.

    In today’s world of email and mobile devices, there’s no excuse not to be available.

    Denver Patent Attorney Mark Trenner gives his clients his mobile phone number, and checks email daily, even on weekends and holidays. If there’s an emergency, it doesn’t need to wait for regular business hours.

  7. Personal Touch.

    Clients don’t want to be handed off to a junior co-worker.

    Denver Patent Attorney Mark Trenner is personally responsible for all of his client matters.

  8. Respect.

    Always stay calm, polite, and professional. Respect the client, the client’s time, and the client’s desires. But only do business with people that reciprocate.

    Denver Patent Attorney Mark Trenner never compromises his standards. Trenner Law Firm will not represent any client who cannot do the same.

  9. Balance.

    Work hard for clients. Be committed to family. Be committed to the community.

    Denver Patent Attorney Mark Trenner works hard for his clients. But it’s not enough to simply make a profit. Trenner Law Firm strives to make a difference in peoples lives. Not only the lives of his clients. Mark is a dedicated husband and proud father of three young children. Mark is actively engaged in his community through charity and volunteer service.

  10. Vision.

    Thrive on change. Never abandon goals. The future is always far greater than the past.

    Denver Patent Attorney Mark Trenner not only works in his business, but on his business. He embraces technology to simplify law firm management, while delivering timely and quality work product to his clients.

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